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Vignoble et dcouverte Vigneron indpendant
clos du roi

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coup de coeur guide hachette des vins

The "guide Hachette des Vins" classes us among its very favorite wines for our Bourgogne Coulanges Cuvée Coline 2010 !

"Un Coulanges la Vineuse qui adjoint 15 % de césar dans son pinot noir, un élevage en foudre de chêne pendant 12 mois : Magali Bernard et son mari Arnaud sortent des sentiers battus. Pas étonnant que cette cuvée Coline (du nom de leur fille) ait obtenu un coup de cœur.
Un vin en tout point remarquable, la délicatesse même. Le nez est bien typé, sur la cerise griotte. En bouche, c'est le paradis : une attaque douce, des tanins fins et racés, de la rondeur et de la finesse, une acidité parfaitement assimilée : "De la force dans l'équilibre" conclut un dégustateur."

Come and taste it without waiting !

Welcome to the Clos du Roi

Back in the days as they were farmers and cherry producers, they started developing the vineyard to nowadays reach 14 hectares (34,6 acres) of planted vines mainly with Pinot Noir but also with Chardonnay and Gamay.

One admirable wine after the other the reputation grows. The wines from the Domaine are exclusively sold in bottles to consumers and at the best tables locally and in nearby Paris.

All the wines are grown with oak, should it be in traditional barrels or in gigantic foudres, however only the Chanvan “Cuvée” unleashed an oaky side. The slow evolution and complexity of our wines directly comes from the attention we pay to the winemaking and winegrowing process.

In 2001 their daughter Magali moves back to Coulanges la Vineuse and immediately takes over the winemaking process. In 2005 she partners with her parents and Arnaud Hennoque joins her not too long after.

Together they develop new “cuvées” such as “Cuvée Coline” inspired by their daughter. It is a blend of César and Pinot Noir. They also start selling on fairs and trade shows. Consumers can still purchase their wines directly from the Domaine in a beautiful family owned arched wine cellar. They are open Monday to Saturday and most Sundays. Do join them to taste wines that are made respecting the tradition to offer the full authenticity of the AOC.

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Come and discover our full offer through 4 different ranges: red wines, white wines, rosé wines and the sparkling Crémants.

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For the amateurs of Pinot noir, César and Gamay! Round and fruity wines!

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The delicacy of the Chardonnay! Allying freshness and minerality!

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Rosé wines of Pinot Noir, dry et fruity !

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Powerful and delicate, from apéritif to the dessert!

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Clos du Roi Vins de Bourgogne Coulanges la Vineuse
Domaine du Clos du Roi | Coulanges wines | 17 rue André Vildieu F-89580 Coulanges la Vineuse Burgundy | Tél : +33(0)

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